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The pace in which brands shift from being relevant to irrelevant, is speeding up. And you need to navigate this constant flux of change. Together, we navigate change, so you can shape a better future.


As your strategic research partner, we solve problems, bring clarity and design tailored solutions. Guiding and supporting you along the way.

We help you to harness consumer truth, understand and adapt to emerging consumer needs and position your brand for success. Allowing you to take decisions today that will result in growth tomorrow.


Built from the ground up to meet the needs of modern teams, INSIGHTIQ is designed to deliver insights in real time – at scale and at speed.

It is the insight engine that powers our social communities. From ongoing customer communities to new product development, concept testing to market exploration. Here are the most common applications of INSIGHTIQ.


For over 10 years, we have been building online communities from the ground up – creating digital worlds we’ve mastered.

In addition to creating communities for our clients we have also built our own community with over 50,000 plus consumers and growing. This provides us and our clients an always-on approach to consumer insights through the use of agile and iterative research methods which is unlike any traditional methods available. Capturing people in the moment and in real time allows consumers to open their lives to us, in a deeper and more meaningful manner.

Client Communities

It’s no longer about stopping people and having an appointment with them to conduct research. You are there with them, where they are.

We bring an extensive suite of quantitative and qualitative tools together in one easy to use place. We have set up and run over 100 communities for our clients as small as 500 members and as large as 50,000, all managed by our specialist community engagement team.

knowledge hub

One of the hardest parts of the insights function and building a consumer-centric culture is the socialisation of real-time knowledge management. We create stakeholder knowledge hubs that combine all your studies and external information together.

Key features of InsightIQ Knowledge Hub:

Single sign-In access for all relevant staff with differing levels of access.

A visual, single destination for staff to get inspired with insights.

Ongoing flow of insights and content for the business, with constant ‘new news’.

Inbuilt custom templates that can also be easily populated with content and uploaded into the feed.

Push notifications can alert users to specific and customisable topics, depending on what they’re interested in.

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