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The future of consumer feedback is here. No appointments, no delays. Be with your consumers, understanding them in real-time.

The future of consumer
feedback is here

Bridging the gap between brands and 25,000+ real, engaged consumers. Product Reviews isn’t just another feedback tool — it’s an unparalleled portal to the very heartbeat of your market.

Driven by SaySo, one of Australia’s largest online research communities, we leverage insights from over 75,000 reviews of current market products, and thousands of daily conversations with real Australians. Or, choose to engage directly with consumers in SaySo to identify how you can optimise your products.

Harness the power of precise, real-time data to propel your product innovation. Discover, what is driving the success of the top performing products. Find out, how your existing & new products are performing in the category. Or, learn if your newly launched product is performing as expected.

Real-time, genuine consumer feedback at your fingertips

Harness the dynamism of our community with the power of AI to Gather, Analyse and Utilise product reviews at the speed of life. Here’s a few ways you can use Product Reviews.


Experience Product Reviews for yourself

To learn more about how Product Reviews can help your business unlock future innovation, talk with Ray.