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Case Study

Pet Food Innovation Strategy for New Product Development

Pet Food Client

Pet Food

Product & Service Innovation


Due to an ever-changing and evolving landscape in the animal treat and well-being categories, the need for innovation and development is a constant for our pet food client. Thus, getting guard rails for early ideas is crucial to decide on feasible product features that appeal to broad audiences are key to commercialisation.​


T garage created and embarked on a methodology that would ensure the final products were guided by consumer insights at every step of the NPD process. This included:​

  • VISUAL SENSORY EVALUATION: Utilising pictures and videos of current products in the market stripped of their brand assets allowed us to get to the ideal product prototype across 6 core sensory characteristics.​
  • CONJOINT ANALYSIS: Adding key product claims into the mix further enabled us to narrow down the guard rails for product success


Guardrails for R&D for prototype product development and key product parameters for RTBs and overall concept execution for the marketing team.



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